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***NOTE: Because I am now employed by Imperial Capital LLC, my website, www.thesecurityanalyst.com, is no longer active, with new blogs.  My new updates will appear in the public site and industry monitor reports at www.imperialcapital.com.***

Analytical and Financial Information You Must Have in Order to Understand and to Invest in the Multi-faceted Security Industry.


There are three ways to Order your Monthly Subcription today and get the “2008 Security Annual,” the industry’s Bible, now in its 16th year of publication

For 26 years Jeff Kessler has been helping investors make money with such successful stock stories as FLIR, ADT, Sensormatic, Kroll Inc., Pittway/Ademco, InVision Technologies. What will the next success stories be? FLIR again?  L-1? ADT/Tyco? Stanley Works?  China Security & Surveillance? Axis Communications? Or Securitas Systems? Or will there be a private company whose IPO you must know about?  Jeff has unequalled access to private companies in every security sector.

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TheSecurityAnalyst.com fills a need for investors and executives alike in the security industry:  the lack of experienced, trusted financial and market analysis across both the traditional commercial/residential and post-9/11 technology businesses in security.  This is the source for a balanced analysis of issues and trends in the world of physical, homeland, and converged physical/IT security, and the research is all based on Jeff Kessler’s 26 years of experience covering security on Wall Street, as well as his thousands of contacts with end users and industry players. 

TheSecurityAnalyst.com will cover the financial and strategic progress of pure plays in security in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, as well as the security units of multi-industry companies with large security businesses, such as Tyco Intl., Stanley Works, and United Technologies – where such focus is unavailable from traditional Wall Street analysts. 

Jeff’s blog can be especially useful in making sense of daily events and issues.

How to Subscribe to Jeff Kessler’s The SecurityAnalyst.com
A subscription to TheSecurityAnalyst.com will include a choice between
    The sought after “Security Annual,” and a monthly newsletter to full financial analysis of some 20 leading domestic and international public security companies, and access to the analyst.   A sample of this report can be found by
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    The same monthly report and “Security Annual, but without the analyst access.   A sample of this report can be found by
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    The “Security Annual” with the monthly newsletter, but with only an executive summary of financial reports.  A sample of this report can be found by
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About Jeff Kessler
Jeff has been the leading security industry analyst on Wall Street for 26 years: He began covering ADT, Sensormatic Electronics, and Checkpoint Systems in 1983 followed by twenty one years as the senior business services analyst with Lehman Brothers.  Jeff has brought a unique skill set to the security industry for the financial community – publicizing it, as well as prodding it to improve its financial profile with investors and its business profile with large enterprise end users...more

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